21 Sep

Farm to table is their slogan – brilliant! Their Canned Tuna was an amazing multi-layered concoction of flavors to be mixed with salt.


Sangria had depth and was so refreshing throughout our meal. The lighting is better in person. The Halibut “Brandade” and chilled tomato was a great combo of savory flavors and texture.

Chickpea fritter with pickled red onion and curry mayo – surprising mix of flavors that just went so well together. Marscopone cheesecake was the airiest cheesecake we’ve ever tasted – as if mixed with whipped cream. The Daily Sweet Bites were made of macarons (so moist!), shortbread/caramel/chocolate, and meringue with fruit. Yes, it was as good as it looks here.

Happy 12th anniversary hubby! I’ve loved stuffing my face with you – thanks for finding this new gem for us!

It was so good I had to come back another day with another friend to try their brunch. We both shared the eggs benny and eggs benny with smoked salmon. PLUS, we yakked on and on after our meal (after I made sure there was no line up) and what did they do? They gave us a cookie!!! Where have you ever gotten that? I can’t wait to try more on their menu.



Zucchini Fingers

21 Sep

I had heard of zucchinis stuffed with cheese and deep fried but didn’t have the guts to make something so guilt inducing. My neighbor said he eats them in a frittata so what was I waiting for?

Tender and colorful, the taste was mild and gently satisfying. Homegrown onions and basil round off the flavors. And did you notice the slice of fried parmesan? OK it was a guilty pleasure.

Mega Sushi, Richmond

21 Sep

Dining with a group means more dee-lish photos are taken but it becomes impossible to remember what was ordered. All I can remember is that I tried a bite of everything and it was ALL good! All the flavors were well balanced. The miso soup wasn’t too salty, something I just accepted as normal by now. The udon broth slurped to the bottom. Julienne cut daikon was used to sop up the spicy sauce. Where else have you done that?



10 Aug

Tender and perfectly cooked mussels. Lightly battered fish and chips. Somehow though, the Salmon Wellington had something lacking. Was it the pan frying after baking that left it flat? It wasn’t dry – you can certainly see the deeper color in the center that shows perfect cooking. Don’t know what was missing that didn’t let it kick up a notch.

Penang Delight Cafe, Malaysian, Vancouver

22 May

Started off with Roti Canai, a bread dipped in sauce – well done, crispy, light, and tasty.

Next came our Rendang Chicken – fall of the bone marinated and coated in spices.

Laksa Beef Mix came with two noodle types and quite well flavored. This dish was the best bang for the buck.

Mango Fish (talapia) – deep fried then covered in tangy and sweet sauce with ripe mango slices; it’s been a while since I’ve had talapia but it’s not my favorite fish flavor, so don’t think I’d go for this again.

Bill came out to $62 (before tip) for 2 guys and a girl. We polished it off and it was the right amount of dinner for us. It’s on par with Tropica or Banana Leaf, but Banana Leaf is one notch better for the same price in our opinion.

3885 Rupert, Vancouver, BC V5M 3W2

Twisted Fork, 1147 Granville Street (Yaletown) 604-568-0749

30 Mar

This is what happens if you don’t blog quickly enough. Forgot what I ate, but  found photos and they still make me salivate. French bistro, somewhat dim, great service and rustic interiors – dee-lish. Two thumbs up!

Yes dessert upon desserts, but what do you do? Someone’s got to do the enjoying.



Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

2 Mar

After my mom-in-law broke her second cheap seafood cracker on her daily walnuts, we were charged with a mission to find a better cracker. She sent us back to return two other locally purchased options. I finally turned to Amazon and found myself falling in love with the Drosselmeyer Nutcracker.

I’ve never had a fascination with cracking nuts – I would buy them pre-shelled like most people would. I’ve found pre-cracked walnuts to be bitter. The mess and risk and crimping my own hands was not worth the effort. After watching Dr Oz say a walnut a day helps keep cancer away I decided to be more open minded. And the price? A whopping $40!

So why would I pick up my jaw and buy one not only for her, but also for myself? Mainly due to the comments and feedback. I LOVE MY CRACKER. I was also pleasantly surprised to find I now enjoy freshly cracked walnuts because it doesn’t have the bitter taste I’ve avoided.

It contains the exploding shrapnel of shells – I do cup the opening to be safe. My 10 year old nephew can crack nuts with it. It requires much less force than other crackers. There’s no danger of crimping my own fingers. It handles all nut sizes from unopened pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, and my last ultimate test – brazil nuts with ease.

Seriously had no idea I’d enjoy cracking a nut a day, but it’s sheer pleasure with this heavy duty, cast iron piece of bludgeoning self defense cool tool.