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Heritage Bundt Pan from Williams Sonoma

20 Sep

Heritage Bundt Pan from Williams Sonoma

I’ve been coveting this Bundt cake pan for a long time now, having no idea that there was a Williams Sonoma in town. This one was bought in Edmonton. The cake recipe was the one on the packaging.


Rachel Cooking

21 Jan


This incredibly moist and fluffy sponge cake securely wraps taro and whipping cream, made lovingly by my friend, Rachel. At first we thought it was too much and had to share, but after our first bite we realized we couldn’t share it at all. Unlike store bought sponge cake rolls I’d had in the past, this one was not overly sweet and didn’t leave my mouth with an oily residual coating. Rachel’s version was super light and you can tell it’s made of quality ingredients. Thank you so much Rachel!



7 Oct

Just appreciating my neighbor’s tomato (at least I think it’s a tomato) in the community garden.

Zucchini Fingers

21 Sep

I had heard of zucchinis stuffed with cheese and deep fried but didn’t have the guts to make something so guilt inducing. My neighbor said he eats them in a frittata so what was I waiting for?

Tender and colorful, the taste was mild and gently satisfying. Homegrown onions and basil round off the flavors. And did you notice the slice of fried parmesan? OK it was a guilty pleasure.

Pre-peeled Chestnuts

20 Jan

I don’t actually have a hankering for chestnuts but many people I know do. I recently tried my hand at roasting them myself and have completely given up the self torture, especially when I was introduced to this easy-peasy snack. They’re much smaller than Italian ones but have so much flavor and sweetness. Plus did I say how easy it was to peel? No more burnt hands!

There were 4 packs within the larger package and 6 chestnuts were in each. You can buy them at T&T.

Hearth & Larder: I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille

30 Oct

New recipe video coming soon!.

Yugoslavian Garlic

11 Aug

I enjoy Yugoslavian garlic because the cloves are large and the skin is easy to peel. The taste may not be as “hot” as the kind grown in China, but it is still very flavorful to me. The purple you see will fade as the skin dries completely. Have to admit that my dad did a much better job growing them than I ever did.