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Sweet N Chic is closing this week!

17 Feb


My eldest nephew does not like cake – too mushy, too sweet, too whatever…but he’ll eat the cakes from Sweet N Chic. For his birthday, he requested the Dark Chocolate Orange Mousse Cake and I happily picked it up. “Happily” because he’s an awesome kid and it’s close to my work, which is so far from home.

How does it taste? An explosion of cocoa-y goodness and moistness without sticking to the roof of your mouth. They don’t add extra sugar – exactly how I like it because all the flavors come through on their own. The orange flavor on top melded without overpowering. Somehow I can indulge in effervescent mousse without heavy guilt.

The dark chocolate was bittersweet however, because I also found out they’re closing this week! The owner is going to retire and hunt down other cakes to try. We all savored each bite as slowly as we could, knowing it was our last…unless I place another order and freeze it!

Sweet n’ Chic
#1 – 17967  56 Ave (Highway 10),
Cloverdale, BC


How to drink and eat a coconut

8 Nov

With the increased marketing of the benefits of coconut water, we decided to give it a try but were quite disappointed in the taste. Luckily hubby knows first hand how to drink and eat a real coconut he purchased from Urban Farm Market for $1.99.

It comes with a pointed and flatter end. Set the nut on your chopping board and start shaving the flatter end with a knife. The fibrous coir is easiest to remove when you shave with the grain. You’ll eventually reach the harder shell, and find between 1-3 darker circles. Use the tip of your knife to pry one open and enjoy your coconut water with a straw.

After it’s drained, you can enjoy the tender meat. Shave off the remaining coir until just the hard shell remains. Use the back of your chef knife and whack it along the “equator” line. Rotate the nut and whack it again; repeat. You’ll know it’s cracked when a whack sounds more hollow. Continue until you can safely pry the two halves apart. Use a spoon to scoop up with sweet meat.

New Zealand Spring Lamb

12 Sep

The New Zealand Spring Lamb is more tender than some beef I’ve had – not gamey at all. Buying it frozen is perfect for those times you’ve run out of fresh raw meat for dinner. The one pictured here is pre-marinated in Rosemary and Garlic, but plain with your marinade of salt, pepper, and mustard is great too.

Supreme Meat Supplies Ltd.
1725 MacDonald Ave, Burnaby, BC

German Cheesecake

22 Jan

Light and fluffy meringue sits on a bed of cheesecake, lovingly handmade by Michele of Hearth & Larder. It’s much lighter than a New York cheesecake – kind of like cheesecake meets mousse – all the taste, but half the density. A hint of lemon balances the sweet, which is not cloying like some store bought versions. The crust was the perfect base, strongly supportive so each wedge makes it to the plate in one piece (pun intended), yet fork-tender enough for breaking into bite size chunks.

Egg White Sponge Cake

17 Jan
Lily Bakery, 4500 Kingsway, #1326, Burnaby, BC | Tel: (604) 435-6689
A friend brought this cake over last year but I didn’t blog about it until now. After reading the comments on, this light and fluffy, not overly sweet cake might be gone.

Shout Out for Hearth and Larder

10 Nov

My good friend Michele is starting up her baking biz and I’d like to post about it here in case anyone has need of her services, as baking is certainly an art! Michele bakes, gardens, creates like Martha Stewart but from the other twin universe – the good one. No matter whether I’m ogling her twist ties around skewer sticks marking her newly planted seedlings or gaping at the effort of rendering her own lard for making Mexican pulled pork, it’s all ready for a photo shoot, and seems completely effortless for her.

I’ve had the utmost pleasure of tasting her apricot tart and the honor of receiving her precious bottles of garlic chilli salt – everything she does is magic and I’m very excited for her new biz.

Ya Li Pear from USA

10 Nov

I haven’t eaten a Ya Li (Asian) pear in years, not only because I’ve been slowly boycotting anything edible from China, but also because they just have no flavor anymore. Red Apple Market’s fruit stand caught my eye because I still yearn for my beloved Asian pears, and this green was more like a Bartlett hue rather than the typical soft yellow. Twist the wrist and a USA sticker had me jump in anticipation. Juicy, sweet, crisp, flavorful – everything I remembered it should be, including peace of mind.

Red Apple Market, 4170 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC (604) 299-6544