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10 Aug

Tender and perfectly cooked mussels. Lightly battered fish and chips. Somehow though, the Salmon Wellington had something lacking. Was it the pan frying after baking that left it flat? It wasn’t dry – you can certainly see the deeper color in the center that shows perfect cooking. Don’t know what was missing that didn’t let it kick up a notch.


Portland: Jake’s Crawfish

2 Jul


Now this is what I’d call “finger lickin’ good”.

Sophie’s Choice at the Cannery

8 May

$20 Coupon per couple until June 30th

Roasted Mussels
Fresh Shucked Oysters (I’ve recently been introduced to this by real restauranteurs and if done properly, it’s delightful!  The Cannery does a good job.)

Main Meal
Chef’s Creation (usually a salmon or a tuna)
Salmon Wellington (mention this and Kevin immediately starts drooling)
West Coast Bouillabaisse (if you feel like something soupy)
Blackened Cod (my new favourite, paired with a bottle of Liberty School Chardonnay)

Unfortunately, the desserts here don’t thrill me.  I work for a dessert company, so I’m pretty spoiled.  Jacques Creation always seems to be a hit.

Go Fish

17 Feb

1504 West 1st Ave., Vancouver (by Fisherman’s Wharf near Granville Island)
Tel: 604-730-5040
11:30 am to dusk (tues-sun)

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