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Yaaz Bazaar — Excellent value food

9 May

Yaaz Bazaar is a Persian corner market in North Vancouver. They are located at 19th and Lonsdale and we always noticed the popularity of the cafeteria side of the store. The portions are huge and very good (this dish had 4-5 cups of rice!). We shared the stewed lamb shank with rice (Ghabali Polo). $10.99 CDN. The lamb was stewed to perfection. The rice was amazing. Super long grained rice, fragrant and delicately flavoured, I think with saffron? I’m not sure, it was subtle. Golden yellow, had lovely shredded carrots cooked on top, as well as raisins, dried cranberries and almond slivers throughout. Tiny bits of this green, crunchy nut was also in it (pistachios?). Delicious with the lamb and lovely texture with all the other ingredients.

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