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Rubber Seal

10 Aug

Had to ask the lady behind the meat counter for my size of coffee percolator. Cioffi’s sells it for .99 cents, but my nose tells me I’ll find it cheaper elsewhere, so until then I’ll just record it here to remember.


Colombe’s Pizza

8 Apr

I must say this is the most unique topping on pizza I’ve ever used. The crust is quite good. Kinda fool proof. My friend Dave Colombe has a cookbook out and the dough recipe’s from in there. I don’t even follow the recipe perfectly and the dough is light, thin and crispy. I’m super impressed.

Topping: leftover prime rib, red onions, sliced tomatoes, orange peppers, oregano, marble cheese, sweet potatoes, and sliced green olives stuffed with provolone.

I can’t wait to eat the other pizza that I’m trying to save for tomorrow’s lunch (posted by Mar).

Turkey Meatballs

13 Mar

I got this off of Gweneth Paltrow’s blog ( It’s her friend Julia’s recipe. I just made it and it is awesome. I didn’t follow it exactly but it turned out great nonetheless. Marlene


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Spaghetti tetrazzini

23 May

Chicken and mushroom pasta bake by Jamie Oliver, “Jamie’s italy”

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Braised Lamb Shank with Rigatoni

19 Jan

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When in Vancouver, shop as the Italians do, Judith Lane, GS

3 Apr

Italian-born Vancouver chefs swear by their favourite sources for Parmigiano Reggiano, olive oil, porcini, and tomatoes, per favore Continue reading

Firewood Cafe Pizza

7 Mar

3004 Cambie (by 14th avenue), Vancouver BC
tel: 604.873.0001
Firewood Cafe Pizza

Our favourite from this delivery place is definately the simpler style pizza. Try the Tuscany or the Margarita. Fresh ingredients and thin crust, just like the Italians would. Definately brings back memories from Rome.