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Jang Mo Jib, Kingsway

22 Jul

Have enjoyed JMJ when it was in the Biltmore Hotel on Kingsway, then when it moved to Burnaby, but it started to pale compared to Meok Ja Gol, so it’s been quite some time since we’ve returned. Memories of their thin-skin pot stickers have kept me coming back though, and now I’m so glad they did. My usual favorites are definitely improved in flavor and texture. It was the busiest we’ve seen it on a Friday night yet the service was great – something we’ve just come to have lower expectations of.

First, the pot stickers are usually pan fried (still my preference), not deep fried, the way they are now, but it didn’t detract from the taste.

Bee Bim Bap Dol Sot means fried rice in a clay pot, which keeps it warm throughout your meal. It comes as separate ingredients and you mix it up yourself.

Who can resist their deeply marinated ribs? Look at the crispy browning of the seafood pancake; it was not as tasty or crispy during our last visit and this extra ooph makes the dish.

I don’t know how I managed to miss shooting the chicken noodle soup (too busy stuffing my mouth? this is hard work you know). Here was the biggest improvement of all. It has always been a more bland soup, mildly flavored but in the subtle healthy ways of momma-soup-minus-msg. This time, it was as if someone dialed up more flavor – definitely a wonderful way to round out our meal.


Han Ju Hot Pot

27 Aug
4500 Kingsway, #1218, Burnaby, BC (604) 434-8098
Garlic assaults your nose before you see the front door and the long line ups if you get there past 5. My fave has always been #5, shown at top right (I ask for less oil). #3 is bottom left and #2 is bottom right.

Coffee Bun Bakery & Cafe (North Vancouver)

30 Apr

This place is located just outside the seabus at Lonsdale Quay. It’s got great identity, cute little sign with a cute golden brown bun attached to it. It intrigued me. Super fresh baked, hot bun. Crunchy warm topping and oh-so-soft inside bun. Who could resist a fresh out of the oven bun?

It was so fresh and hot that I kinda burned myself trying to take it out of the paper bag to share with Geoff… Did I say “share”?!!

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Meok Ja Gol Korean

7 Dec

Tried smaller dishes on their menu since it was just two of us eating this time. Bee Bim Bab, Noodles, and Potstickers along with condiments. Although not the array of their BBQ menu, very satisfying.

Meok Ja Gol Korean

9 Nov

The best Korean dinner we’ve ever had! Charcoal tubes are lowered into their grill and skewers automatically rotate, making a smokeless environment and the juices sealed in. The marination is lighter than most restaurants, so I taste the meat more.  The waiter had our meal timed to perfection, removing the meat from the skewers and cutting, then placing on the grill top to continue cooking if you wanted your beef well done. It was certainly more relaxing than having to be concerned about it yourself.

1_setting 2_gears 3_skewers

4_ribs 5_prawn chicken

Dumplings were gone in a NY second. Grilled mackeral was crispy all the way to edges. Eel was tender and fought over to the last piece by the boys.

dumplings mackeral eel

Fried noodles (Jap Che)  were a little sweeter than I’ve usually had, but was still tastier than most. Nothing comes close to my friend’s mom’s homemade version, but it’ll do nicely. The pancake was loaded with seafood and the texture was so light and fluffy, it prompted compliments from the first bite.

jab_che pancake menu

Seating was very roomy – so much more comfortable and all the better to reach for that last rib! The charcoal takes about 1/2 hour to prepare, so it was a good thing we called ahead and had them start. The “MJG Dinner BBQ Combination B” feeds 4-5 people for $100. In our case, it fed 2 couples and 2 boys, and everything was polished off except for one slice of pancake. It was very filling and extremely satisfying. Even if you don’t have enough mouths to experience the self-rotating charcoal dinner, the flavors and quality of the other dishes alone will have us coming back for more.

Meok Ja Gol: 4992 Newton Street (and Kingsway), Burnaby, BC (604) 436-5005

Korean Short Ribs (Kim)

11 Apr

For 10lbs of meat: Soak ribs for 2-3 hours water to rid blood

1 head garlic (minced)
1 white onion (minced)
1 cup sesame oil
1 cup sugar
1 cup honey
2 cups light soya sauce
1 tsp sesame seeds
2 green onions (diced)

Mix ingredients together by hand; sauce should be sweet. Dip ribs in sauce and marinate overnight.

This is where you can buy your frozen short ribs:
Supreme Meat Supplies Ltd
1725 MacDonald Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5C 4P3
Telephone : 604-299-0541

Kimchi Nara Korean BBQ

2 Mar

2nd Floor London Plaza, No 3 Road and Westminster Hwy | 604.273.7933
Mon–Sat 11:30 am – 10 pm (closed Sun)