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Long’s Noodle House, 4853 Main St Vancouver, BC (604) 879-7879

7 Nov

Ever eat somewhere and yearn to return even though you haven’t finished your meal? That’s how I felt about Long’s.

They’re known for thin skinned Steamed Pork Dumplings that explode like mini water balloons in your mouth. The Crispy Rice covered in Salted Egg Yolk barely got shot before being devoured.

Like tour guides in another city, our group was full of seasoned eaters and knew how to order. I’m thrilled they insisted on ordering the Sesame Ball Soup. I normally am not into this dish, but this version was made with Rice Wine which lent a slight tang to the lightly sweetened soup. The black sesame paste was also not overly sweetened and the rice dough didn’t become a chewy mass of nothingness. I had no idea this dessert could be so good. Go with a group so you can sample like we did!


King Crab Season

23 Mar

Empire Seafood Restaurant
Unit 200 London Plaza, 7997 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC | Tel:  604.249.0080

King Crab season is here and Empire was packed with fans. Ordered a 6-person combo, so the crab cost $10.99/lb – it came out to about $30/adult with some leftovers:

  • Peking Duck skin wrap
  • Lettuce Wrap with Peking Duck
  • Steamed King Crab with chopped Garlic (so good and sweet I can just pour liquid over rice to make a meal!)
  • Deep Fried King Crab (body parts)
  • Noodles with Golden Mushroom and King Crab juices (disappointed with regular wonton noodles, not the Yee Mein it claimed on the menu; the mushrooms weren’t even separated but served in a huge clump right out of the pacakge)
  • Bok Choy and Tofu Sheet
  • Red Bean Dessert (really watered down)

Love Letter Egg Roll

10 Aug

Usually egg rolls leave a waxy, oily residue in my mouth – not this brand! Finally found it at Yaohan in Richmond.

Chill Restaurant and Lounge

31 Mar

5507 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 2G3  (604) 436-3088

We started off with a refreshing lotus salad. I’ve never had it raw before but it has a nice crisp and the vinegarette cut the fried things to follow. beef roti: nice but i’ve had lighter doughs from malaysian or thai versions. The prawns were fluffy cloud-light – not sure how they did it, very fresh and robust prawns, delicately seasoned. the noodles and deep fried tofu were good but nothing really stood out from usual fare. The star of the show for me was the mini deep fried oysters – not a hint of fishiness and pure creamy oyster goodness with an outside crunch.

Lemon Coriander Prawns

26 Dec

I’ve recently been introduced to Costco’s frozen prawns, already deveined and shelled, but tails left on. I wanted to find more recipes for making prawns. Here’s one I found on — enjoy! Marlene


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Chinese Pot Stickers

25 Dec

I love pot stickers! They are so yummy when pan fried to a golden crisp, but still moist inside. This recipe is similar to Gyoza King’s prawn, pork and chive gyozas. I like the home-ey taste of the homemade skins, nice to work with, very fresh, moist and thick, but it was a lot of work compared to store bought. These freeze well — freeze in single layer tray, then transfer to a freezer bag when frozen. Marlene


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Ginger pineapple chicken

13 Apr

Try fresh orange sections and orange juice instead of the pineapple chunks and lemon juice. This chicken goes very well with a simple stir-fry vegetable dish or over sautéed mixed greens. We recommend using a non-stick skillet for this dish. When using chopsticks, it’s ideal to slice the chicken after it is cooked, or you may serve the breasts whole when using forks and knives. Continue reading