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Long’s Noodle House, 4853 Main St Vancouver, BC (604) 879-7879

7 Nov

Ever eat somewhere and yearn to return even though you haven’t finished your meal? That’s how I felt about Long’s.

They’re known for thin skinned Steamed Pork Dumplings that explode like mini water balloons in your mouth. The Crispy Rice covered in Salted Egg Yolk barely got shot before being devoured.

Like tour guides in another city, our group was full of seasoned eaters and knew how to order. I’m thrilled they insisted on ordering the Sesame Ball Soup. I normally am not into this dish, but this version was made with Rice Wine which lent a slight tang to the lightly sweetened soup. The black sesame paste was also not overly sweetened and the rice dough didn’t become a chewy mass of nothingness. I had no idea this dessert could be so good. Go with a group so you can sample like we did!


Mega Sushi, Richmond

21 Sep

Dining with a group means more dee-lish photos are taken but it becomes impossible to remember what was ordered. All I can remember is that I tried a bite of everything and it was ALL good! All the flavors were well balanced. The miso soup wasn’t too salty, something I just accepted as normal by now. The udon broth slurped to the bottom. Julienne cut daikon was used to sop up the spicy sauce. Where else have you done that?

Penang Delight Cafe, Malaysian, Vancouver

22 May

Started off with Roti Canai, a bread dipped in sauce – well done, crispy, light, and tasty.

Next came our Rendang Chicken – fall of the bone marinated and coated in spices.

Laksa Beef Mix came with two noodle types and quite well flavored. This dish was the best bang for the buck.

Mango Fish (talapia) – deep fried then covered in tangy and sweet sauce with ripe mango slices; it’s been a while since I’ve had talapia but it’s not my favorite fish flavor, so don’t think I’d go for this again.

Bill came out to $62 (before tip) for 2 guys and a girl. We polished it off and it was the right amount of dinner for us. It’s on par with Tropica or Banana Leaf, but Banana Leaf is one notch better for the same price in our opinion.

3885 Rupert, Vancouver, BC V5M 3W2

Bo Laksa King Bubbles & Bits

19 Dec

Wear clothing that you don’t mind washing. It was spicy and flavorful. Would like to try the Laksa next time. Small amount of seating.

 2546 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z3
(604) 568-4593



started off with tea leaf salad (deep fried nuts and seeds), soup, roti (wonderful sauce)


pineapple fried frice (similar to other places), pad thai (on par), eggplant (really creamy), beef (was ok)

Sushiholic, 3311 East Broadway (& Rupert), 604-879-4881

15 Aug

Very happy to have tried a new place. Quality over quantity when compared to Sushi Garden. Above is their Sockeye Salmon Roll.

The Alaska Roll (left, front) has a sauce dribbled over it that is reminiscent of tempura bits. Spicy tuna roll (left, back) with two kinds of sesame seeds. Party Tray A on the right has a wonderful selection.

Gyoza here is deep fried and filling is standard. Toro (tuna) sashimi melted; so fresh it had a hint of sweetness.

Jang Mo Jib, Kingsway

22 Jul

Have enjoyed JMJ when it was in the Biltmore Hotel on Kingsway, then when it moved to Burnaby, but it started to pale compared to Meok Ja Gol, so it’s been quite some time since we’ve returned. Memories of their thin-skin pot stickers have kept me coming back though, and now I’m so glad they did. My usual favorites are definitely improved in flavor and texture. It was the busiest we’ve seen it on a Friday night yet the service was great – something we’ve just come to have lower expectations of.

First, the pot stickers are usually pan fried (still my preference), not deep fried, the way they are now, but it didn’t detract from the taste.

Bee Bim Bap Dol Sot means fried rice in a clay pot, which keeps it warm throughout your meal. It comes as separate ingredients and you mix it up yourself.

Who can resist their deeply marinated ribs? Look at the crispy browning of the seafood pancake; it was not as tasty or crispy during our last visit and this extra ooph makes the dish.

I don’t know how I managed to miss shooting the chicken noodle soup (too busy stuffing my mouth? this is hard work you know). Here was the biggest improvement of all. It has always been a more bland soup, mildly flavored but in the subtle healthy ways of momma-soup-minus-msg. This time, it was as if someone dialed up more flavor – definitely a wonderful way to round out our meal.

Hi Genki

16 Jul

Scary? Don’t let the eyes fool you. There’s a lot of meat under these heads. I always love coming here for their grilled salmon. My hand is almost sore after the meal of patience, but worth every savory bite. This is the first time I’ve been served the heads – must be salmon season.

The Miso Salmon is cut from the body, and therefore drier and less fat = less taste. Spicy calamari was deelish.

Spicy karaage and curry on pork chop are always consistently good.