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Sweet N Chic is closing this week!

17 Feb


My eldest nephew does not like cake – too mushy, too sweet, too whatever…but he’ll eat the cakes from Sweet N Chic. For his birthday, he requested the Dark Chocolate Orange Mousse Cake and I happily picked it up. “Happily” because he’s an awesome kid and it’s close to my work, which is so far from home.

How does it taste? An explosion of cocoa-y goodness and moistness without sticking to the roof of your mouth. They don’t add extra sugar – exactly how I like it because all the flavors come through on their own. The orange flavor on top melded without overpowering. Somehow I can indulge in effervescent mousse without heavy guilt.

The dark chocolate was bittersweet however, because I also found out they’re closing this week! The owner is going to retire and hunt down other cakes to try. We all savored each bite as slowly as we could, knowing it was our last…unless I place another order and freeze it!

Sweet n’ Chic
#1 – 17967  56 Ave (Highway 10),
Cloverdale, BC


Rachel Cooking

21 Jan


This incredibly moist and fluffy sponge cake securely wraps taro and whipping cream, made lovingly by my friend, Rachel. At first we thought it was too much and had to share, but after our first bite we realized we couldn’t share it at all. Unlike store bought sponge cake rolls I’d had in the past, this one was not overly sweet and didn’t leave my mouth with an oily residual coating. Rachel’s version was super light and you can tell it’s made of quality ingredients. Thank you so much Rachel!


How to drink and eat a coconut

8 Nov

With the increased marketing of the benefits of coconut water, we decided to give it a try but were quite disappointed in the taste. Luckily hubby knows first hand how to drink and eat a real coconut he purchased from Urban Farm Market for $1.99.

It comes with a pointed and flatter end. Set the nut on your chopping board and start shaving the flatter end with a knife. The fibrous coir is easiest to remove when you shave with the grain. You’ll eventually reach the harder shell, and find between 1-3 darker circles. Use the tip of your knife to pry one open and enjoy your coconut water with a straw.

After it’s drained, you can enjoy the tender meat. Shave off the remaining coir until just the hard shell remains. Use the back of your chef knife and whack it along the “equator” line. Rotate the nut and whack it again; repeat. You’ll know it’s cracked when a whack sounds more hollow. Continue until you can safely pry the two halves apart. Use a spoon to scoop up with sweet meat.

Long’s Noodle House, 4853 Main St Vancouver, BC (604) 879-7879

7 Nov

Ever eat somewhere and yearn to return even though you haven’t finished your meal? That’s how I felt about Long’s.

They’re known for thin skinned Steamed Pork Dumplings that explode like mini water balloons in your mouth. The Crispy Rice covered in Salted Egg Yolk barely got shot before being devoured.

Like tour guides in another city, our group was full of seasoned eaters and knew how to order. I’m thrilled they insisted on ordering the Sesame Ball Soup. I normally am not into this dish, but this version was made with Rice Wine which lent a slight tang to the lightly sweetened soup. The black sesame paste was also not overly sweetened and the rice dough didn’t become a chewy mass of nothingness. I had no idea this dessert could be so good. Go with a group so you can sample like we did!

Red Wagon Café

8 Oct

At long last, we finally got to try Red Wagon after seeing it on Triple D. We had an 11:30 Saturday dentist appt so couldn’t eat until 2:30, which meant Red Wagon only had 8 people ahead of us instead of 800. By 3:00 they had tables ready to be seated.

I don’t usually like pancakes because of the gummy mushy texture, but this is the first time they were enjoyable to me. Salty and sweet, light and filling – they nailed the balance.

The smoked salmon scrambled eggs set the standard. Fluffy and not runny free range eggs. See that skin on the taters? Yes, they were that crunchy! Can’t wait to try more on their menu. The service was prompt and very attentive.


7 Oct

Just appreciating my neighbor’s tomato (at least I think it’s a tomato) in the community garden.


21 Sep

Farm to table is their slogan – brilliant! Their Canned Tuna was an amazing multi-layered concoction of flavors to be mixed with salt.


Sangria had depth and was so refreshing throughout our meal. The lighting is better in person. The Halibut “Brandade” and chilled tomato was a great combo of savory flavors and texture.

Chickpea fritter with pickled red onion and curry mayo – surprising mix of flavors that just went so well together. Marscopone cheesecake was the airiest cheesecake we’ve ever tasted – as if mixed with whipped cream. The Daily Sweet Bites were made of macarons (so moist!), shortbread/caramel/chocolate, and meringue with fruit. Yes, it was as good as it looks here.

Happy 12th anniversary hubby! I’ve loved stuffing my face with you – thanks for finding this new gem for us!

It was so good I had to come back another day with another friend to try their brunch. We both shared the eggs benny and eggs benny with smoked salmon. PLUS, we yakked on and on after our meal (after I made sure there was no line up) and what did they do? They gave us a cookie!!! Where have you ever gotten that? I can’t wait to try more on their menu.