Sweet N Chic is closing this week!

17 Feb


My eldest nephew does not like cake – too mushy, too sweet, too whatever…but he’ll eat the cakes from Sweet N Chic. For his birthday, he requested the Dark Chocolate Orange Mousse Cake and I happily picked it up. “Happily” because he’s an awesome kid and it’s close to my work, which is so far from home.

How does it taste? An explosion of cocoa-y goodness and moistness without sticking to the roof of your mouth. They don’t add extra sugar – exactly how I like it because all the flavors come through on their own. The orange flavor on top melded without overpowering. Somehow I can indulge in effervescent mousse without heavy guilt.

The dark chocolate was bittersweet however, because I also found out they’re closing this week! The owner is going to retire and hunt down other cakes to try. We all savored each bite as slowly as we could, knowing it was our last…unless I place another order and freeze it!

Sweet n’ Chic
#1 – 17967  56 Ave (Highway 10),
Cloverdale, BC



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