How to drink and eat a coconut

8 Nov

With the increased marketing of the benefits of coconut water, we decided to give it a try but were quite disappointed in the taste. Luckily hubby knows first hand how to drink and eat a real coconut he purchased from Urban Farm Market for $1.99.

It comes with a pointed and flatter end. Set the nut on your chopping board and start shaving the flatter end with a knife. The fibrous coir is easiest to remove when you shave with the grain. You’ll eventually reach the harder shell, and find between 1-3 darker circles. Use the tip of your knife to pry one open and enjoy your coconut water with a straw.

After it’s drained, you can enjoy the tender meat. Shave off the remaining coir until just the hard shell remains. Use the back of your chef knife and whack it along the “equator” line. Rotate the nut and whack it again; repeat. You’ll know it’s cracked when a whack sounds more hollow. Continue until you can safely pry the two halves apart. Use a spoon to scoop up with sweet meat.


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