Anniversary dinner at Bishops

31 Aug

Celebrated our 12th anniversary at Bishop‘s where everything they serve is organic and locally supplied. Amuse bouche of tomato soup was first served. Surprising packed flavor in such a small cup of soup! Look how clear the liquied is. The local butter still isn’t the same as European butter.

Web site does not list menu option for the corn soup, but can you just make out the mini mushrooms? They were roasted along with corn and other veggies as the corn soup was poured into the dish. Very deep in flavor again.

The two slices of procuitto did not have much meat on it at all – just two strips of fat basically, but the flavor!

Shaved Proscuitto Bianco Orrechiette: fava beans, sapo bravo zucchini, roasted hazelnuts, montana cheese

The elk was extremely tender and not gamey, but I preferred the familiar taste of beef. Hubby liked his dish though. It was hard to pause and take a quick shot of the sliced potato that was roasted and seared till the edge was crispy. Can we say “butter”?

Roasted Rangelands Elk: wild rice and new zealand spinach, baby leeks and beets, black currant jus

My scallops were cooked perfectly, but I didn’t taste the sweetness of scallops I’ve had from other places – good though. AND how many years have I wanted to have ricotta cheese stuffed zucchini blossom? It was tender, airy, yet rich. Deelish! I couldn’t taste the eggplant in the puree. The ratatouille was good but not what I’ve had at other places, which is more stew-like. This is more like roasted to perfection? It had a good bite yet was cooked gently.

Seared Baynes Sound Scallops: rataouille and ricotta tartlet, epazote scented eggplant puree, crispy squash blossom, cascade tomato reduction

Their website menu needs to be updated. Sour cherry pie (more like a tart pastry rather than flaky version) was paired with caramel gelato (not my fave, but hubby loved it). My blueberry sorbet went well with custard and hazelnut cakes. What a nice finish!

Sapo Bravo Cherry Galette: with basil scented caramel, sour cream gelato


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