Pie Disaster

29 Aug

“Easy as pie.” Who said that? I’d like to shoot them!

Gas oven experiment #2 – we used “Easy Convect” feature which decreased time (-5 min) and temperature (-25˚). The top has a deceptively attractive color and crisp, but the bottom is so uncooked, the berries sank practically through the dough. I was tempted to throw it onto the stove top and let the gas flames burn the soggy ass bottom! Although we left it in for another 15 min, the berries were just barely bubbling – you could still see powdered flour through the slits – but the top was getting too dark by then.

I’ve now read online that some have tried to place the pie right on the floor of the oven. I find it ironic that my first pies with electric stove did not have these kinds of problems. Sigh, hubby ate it this morning for breakfast and said yum yum – he truly loves me.


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