Guu with Garlic

1 Nov

$5.80 Okonomi-yaki (Japanese pizza): much better ratio of ingredients and taste than the one served at Modern House.

$4.20 Calamari: batter is thin, no doughy, perfectly fried

$5.80 Aigamo-Salad (Duck Salad): dressing was light to balance all the fried items, can’t get enough garlic chips, but they’re not paper thin like they used to be.

$6.80 Saba-Grill (mackeral): you get half the mackeral, but no bones, crispy skin, buttery fat, on a bed of lemon slices and onions (sorry no photo).

$4.00 Korokke (croquette): fried mashed potato, corn

$5.20 Unagi-Meshi (eel on rice): need something substantial when eating tapas, so this rice filled some holes, but the sweet sauce could have been a little less.

$7.80 Ebi Mayo (deep fried prawns): doused with mayo and spice, you could taste the freshness of plump prawns

$7.80 Oden-mori (stew): An assortment of six pieces of Oden, definitely needed to cut the grease after those deep fried items (sorry no photo).


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