Self Cleaning Oven & Rattling Fridge

21 Jun

This was weekend warrior time! I realize for those who have had a self-cleaning oven it’s no big deal, but it’s still a fascination to me, so posting photos of before and after 3 hours of the blasting heat.

Our fridge has a fan in the freezer section that has been humming increasingly louder and more irritating over the last several months. After removing the back panel and staring hopelessly inside, we wondered what the dangling orange cord was for and just tucked it behind the brackets, out of the way of the frozen bristly things and wow – quiet!

Guess I could have taken a photo of the back panel of our washing machine which had still been complaining of drainage problems. We’ve always heard a loud rattling sound since moving in and thought it was just a loud machine. After it first complained about drainage issues, we found a dime in the outtake hose area. That solved the rattling noise but it still would complain about drainage. After taking it apart again, we found 3 loonies, 2 more dimes, and a badly chipped up penny. We look forward to our next wash cycle now.

Last but not least is our leaking dish washer…


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