Coffee Bun Bakery & Cafe (North Vancouver)

30 Apr

This place is located just outside the seabus at Lonsdale Quay. It’s got great identity, cute little sign with a cute golden brown bun attached to it. It intrigued me. Super fresh baked, hot bun. Crunchy warm topping and oh-so-soft inside bun. Who could resist a fresh out of the oven bun?

It was so fresh and hot that I kinda burned myself trying to take it out of the paper bag to share with Geoff… Did I say “share”?!!

It’s a coffee tasting topping that is a bit sweet and a bit salty. Or maybe it’s the super soft bun inside that’s a bit salty. Unsure, but it sure was delicious (a bit greasy on the bottom, but really good. The grease gave it a bit of crunch too). They also have some filled with cream cheese, or chocolate. I went with plain. All the same price $ 2.50/ea. They also had Illy coffee containers everywhere. I’m sure these guys will get written up in Vancouver magazine for Best Places to Eat.

At first I wasn’t that impressed with it. But a month later, I walked past and I had to have it again. And I was not disappointed. They bake every 30 minutes. Once they are sold out of that batch, you have to wait for the next batch. Definitely worth the wait. I believe there is another company selling the same thing on Hastings called Bonchaz.

Anyways, worth checking out. The concept originated in Korea and these little delicacies are popular all over asia.


One Response to “Coffee Bun Bakery & Cafe (North Vancouver)”

  1. pictfamily June 7, 2010 at 9:03 pm #

    oh, I would so like to be back in Vancouver!

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