Magic Mushrooms

24 Feb

Feb 27, 2009: It snowed yesterday and even though the mushrooms were under cover, frost still managed to find their fragile petals. It’s a good thing we planned on eating them right away. It was an amazing harvest! Stir fried on their own and in scrambled eggs. Very delicate light taste, lots of moisture.


Feb 24, 2009: Update on the oyster mushroom! After bringing the mushroom bag indoors, mosquito larvae hatched. Brought it outside and waited for them to die. This time I stored it under the bathroom sink cupboard hoping a dark place might rejuvenate the young growth damaged by being out in the cold again. The next time I peeked, I was growing healthy musty mold. I almost gave up all hope, but still didn’t want to toss it. This time I put it next to our BBQ in the back patio where dim sun reaches. I’d forgotten all about it during the hard snow we’ve had. Yesterday I fed my worm compost bin for the first time this year and glanced at my oyster bag, not having much hope and was astounded to see this!

mushroombag_0480 mushroomside_0481 mushroomside_0482

Dec 13, 2008: A neighbour didn’t want her mushrooms anymore (purchased at VanDusen Garden), so Christmas came early for me!!! As I was talking with her, I accidentally knocked over the beautiful oyster mushrooms and felt SO terrible! But she assured me they would grow back because the roots were well entrenched, and magically they are! The first ones were immediately eaten up in an omelet that night. More info can be found here: Vancouver Mycological Society




One Response to “Magic Mushrooms”

  1. Wousie February 25, 2009 at 5:32 pm #

    Wow, so cool! Who knew growing fungus would be so rewarding? LOL.

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